Wish VIP Edit #6

Wish VIP Edit #6

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When Mo Schultz submitted this image to me, I knew I needed to do an edit for it!  

I love how perfectly level the image is...which can be hard sometimes.  

I felt that the image was underexposed...but still so beautiful and it had massive potential to make someone swoon.  

This edit is good for any image that is under exposed and that you want to add a little dreamy color to. 

I hope you love this edit! 

Make sure to watch this edit ...scroll to the bottom to see it! 

 Compatible for Photoshop CS3-CC

(Not compatible for Photoshop Elements) 

This set contains 9 actions:

Lighten Up 

Exposure Fix

Contrast Pop

Add Some Depth

Let's Paint

Give it Some Haze




Wish VIP #6 from Wish Photography on Vimeo.


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