Wish VIP Edit #4

Wish VIP Edit #4

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Wish VIP #4 from Wish Photography on Vimeo.


Are you part of the Wish VIP Club?! Well you should join the group on Facebook!


Every Wednesday you are invited to post your images that you would like to see edited by Wish Photography.  From there I will choose which image I would like to edit and record for you! 

Check out todays video and then snag these products for $3.00

This set will work in Photoshop CS3 and Higher.  

This set includes 1 texture, 5 actions. 

The actions are Frill from Wish Luxe 2 (has not been released yet) 

Make it Pop, Little Details from Wish Workshops Action Set

Tiny Bikini from Wish Skin

SPF 15 from Wish Makeup Counter. 


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