Wish Skies Overlays

  • 500
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I am seriously smitten over this set of Sky Overlays.  You may say "oh but I already have Wish Clouds."  I bet you love them right?!  WELL YOU WILL LOVE THESE MORE!  You won't ever need any other clouds (until I top these ones)

This collection is HUGE! And when I say huge I mean GINORMOUS.... GARGANTUAN!  For reals!   

There's over 100 overlays in this collection.  There's puffy clouds, warm skies, sunsets, night skies, sun ray skies ...and so many more.  You are going to freak!

These files are JPEGS.  Best applied in layers in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. 

(the file is very large please be patient as it downloads.)