Wish Kaleidoscope

  • 10000
  • Save $ 24000

It's here! Wish Kaleidoscope! It's been MONTHS in the making...perfecting it to make it JUST RIGHT! 

Wish Kaleidoscope is just like a kaleidoscope, it changes with every turn.  You can create thousands of different looks, and really customize your own style with this set.  


We are so excited to announce this fantastic and amazing set!  We can hardly wait to show you just about all that it has to offer and how this will change your editing. 

This set is compatible for Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and Photoshop CC.  It is not yet compatible for Photoshop Elements.  (Photoshop Elements edition to come in early 2016)


{make sure you watch the video so you can really get a good feel on how to make Wish Kaleidoscope easy for you to work with....scroll down to see}


Because everyone has different styles this set has been packaged to give you exactly what you desire. 

You can purchase Wish Kaleidoscope in a number of ways.  

1.Purchase Wish Kaleidoscope as an entire collection.  By purchasing the entire collection you get ALL the options!  Including the bonus set Artesian that is not available for purchase any other way.   (Also when you purchase Wish Kaleidoscope in it's entire collection whenever there is an upgrade specifically for this set...YOU GET IT FOR FREE!)

2. Purchase the Basic Wish Kaleidoscope set

3. Mix and Match desired sets with purchase of the Basic Wish Kaleidoscope set.




                     *Wish Kaleidoscope basic actions includes 65 Workflow Actions

                     *Prismatic 26 actions 

                               Includes 10 Warm Actions

                               Includes 10 Cool Actions

                               Includes 6 Bright, Bold and Colorful Actions 

                               Includes 9 Light Overlays (Including Lightflares, and Bokeh)

                     *Monochrome 15 Black and White Actions

                     *Whimsy 26 actions

                               Includes 10 Hazy Actions

                               Includes 10 Vintage Actions

                               Includes 6 'Periscope' Actions (creative light actions)

                               10 Creative Texture Overlays

                    *Artesian 26 Actions (BONUS when purchase entire collection)

                               Includes 10 Soft Actions

                               Includes 10 Watercolor Texture Overlays

                               Includes 10 Watercolor Actions








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