Wish Digital Studio

  • 6000

Are you getting tired of not making the sell because you can't show your clients products?  Or maybe your client just orders a 8x10.  That stinks...I KNOW.  Like many photographers you might not have an actual studio to be able to proof with your client.  So that limits your sells.  And they end of saying something like "can I just get a disc."  This is when you want to bang your head on the counter!  But your head the pain and check out this awesome Digital Studio. 

In this set there's 5 groupings of wall prints.  You simply open up your Photoshop and open up the PSD. Check out the layers and you will see where you need to drop your images.  Then save it as a jpeg and you can email it to the client. 

I like to tell my clients something like "As I was editing your session, I thought of how great your images would look like this one your wall.  Super cool right?!"  8 out of 10 times I have done this...bam! More product sold. 


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