Wish Bokeh Overlays

  • 6000

This beautiful set of Bokeh overlays is pretty and I guess that makes it PRETTY AWESOME!

There's 20 overlays in this set. You can use them as overlays to put light in the background and enhance your already awesome bokeh, or you can use it a little more like a texture.

I prefer to drag and drop the overlay onto my photo and change my blending mode to soft light. Then I put a black layer mask on the layer and paint the overlay just where I want the bokeh to show through.

If you want to use it as a texture change your blending mode to overlay and then remove it from your subject...or keep it there if you like it.

These 20 overlays are jpeg format and you do not need to install them anywhere. Instead open them like you would a file. :) 
Simple and easy to use!!


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