Project Dance

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We are thrilled to be photographing for Project Dance this year. 


All sessions will take place at the Utah State Capitol. 

Please arrive prepared and on time.  Please allow time for parking and traffic.

Meeting place at the Capitol building is on the east side by the doors.   



Monday April 10th

5:30-6:30pm Limitless

6:30-7:30pm Visionary 

Monday April 17th 

5:30-6:30pm Vanquish



You DO NEED to pre-register.  This cuts down on the chaos the day of the session and allows us to move more quickly.    YOU WILL PAY WHEN YOU ARRIVE TO THE SESSION.   





All packages are DIGITAL packages.   You will not receive any prints, but digital files.  This will allow you to share on social media, blogs and with friends and family.  This also allows you to print as many images as you would like and enlarge them.   


Please select from the following packages when pre-registering 


Package A $25.00 

2 Individual Images ( Head Shot and Full Length) 

1 Team Image


Package B $35.00

3 Individual Images (1 Head Shot, 1 Full Length, 1 Action/cheer)

1 Team Image


Package C $ 40.00

4 Individual Images  (Choose your combination of Head Shot, Full Length, Action) 

1 Team Image


Add Ons: 5 additional images $10.00

10 additional images $15.00

Skin Retouching $5.00 (you can select this at time of session) 





Q. Can I choose the images I receive?

A. We are pros at our job and have been selecting images for years.  We will pick the very best and edit those for you.  No need to worry about proofing, we have you taken care of.


Q. Can my daughter and her teammate have a picture together?

A. Yes they can!  You can use this as one of your images.  


Q.  Can we purchase additional images in non-dance/street clothes?

A. Of course you can.  You can change inside the Capitol. We do ask that you do not change for every individual shot as this will make the process slow and unfair to other dancers.  

Q. Can I bring siblings in and have their pictures taken together?

A. We understand that you want your children to be photographed together, however this session is only for those who are members of the Project Dance teams who are being photograph this day.   If you have a child who is also a member of a dance team they are welcome to pose together.  If you are interested in a family or a sibling session we would love to book you for your own individual session at a different time. 


Q. Can I split a package amongst my children? 

A. The short answer, no.   If you have a two children on the same team instead of receiving the same team image twice you will get an extra pose. 


Q.  How long until I receive my pictures after the session?

A. We try to not delay in sending out your images.  Everything is sent digitally and you will see them in your email in roughly 7-10 days after the session.   Check your spam mail if you do not see a link in your email. If you still do not see them in the email please email us at 


Q. Will you pose my child? 

A. I am more than happy to help pose your child.  I do recommend your dancer start thinking of poses they are wanting to try.  If it does not work or does not look flattering I will adjust the pose.   If you are wanting to try an action shot please practice it before the session.  Also keep in mind that not every action shot fits every girl.  You will get 5 tries to get one shot; after the failed attempt you will be asked to try a new idea.  


Q. How will I pay?

A. You will pay at the time of the session.  

We accept CASH, CHECK and VENMO.  We will not be accepting credit or debit cards at the session.  All checks can be written to Wish Photography.  If you do not have Venmo you can set it up for free on your phone.  It is easy to use and fast.  


Q. My child will not be able to make it, can you photoshop her in?

A. Can we? Yes....WILL WE? NO!   Due to the nature of the sessions we WILL NOT  be photoshopping anyone into the image.