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You're feeling stagnant aren't you?  You feel like your business is just creeping by, you're doing the same thing with little results!  I've been there!  And it isn't fun...(wagging finger).  I'm here to help breath some life back into your business....let's get re-energized!


1. Start Relating to people!  

     Many times as businesses we find ourselves identifying as our business instead of as the people we are.  We have started running our business like a factory instead of relating to someone like a human.  Discover how you can authentically help someone and discover who you are helping.  Reward someone with something great!  Maybe it's a client who has given you multiple referrals.  It's possibly a business you've worked with who you can shout out to often.   The bottom line is to start relating to others.  


2.  Invest in something that scares you. 

    This might be a new piece of equipment, computer program, website, education...etc.   But when we invest in something new and something that is scary it helps us push the boundaries.  We find that spark of curiosity and intrigue that helps us grow and motivates us. 


3.  Schedule 3 hours of education a week. 

    Nothing is more healthy for  your business than educating yourself.  Find a webinar, a online course, a community ed. class, a podcast, a name it and find it!  Then schedule out 30 minutes a day at least to educating yourself.  Don't limit yourself to one topic but allow your horizons to open!


4.  Make others feel significant!  

     Make others feel good!  You can make other businesses feel awesome by commenting on their social media accounts as your business, you can compliment your clients.  People thrive on feeling good.   People want to know they are doing good things!  You will feel amazing when you make others feel amazing! 


5. Commit to do THAT thing that moves you forward. 

    If you know that moving your business forward requires you to work 3 hours a day..then COMMIT to that. Whatever THAT thing is...commit to it!


6.  Give up something you're spending too much time on. 

    For years my two daughters wanted to start a YouTube channel!  We didn't want to do it.  But then we decided..."okay!" so we created a channel for our family! We had a blast doing it!  We still Vlog every once in a while, but it was taking up too much time and it didn't matter.  I was putting my business on hold to VLOG and edit the videos and to make sure our family was being creative and fun.  And it was just not paying off.  So we had to kinda give it up.  While we still would love to have our Youtube channel doing awesome stuff, it's something I have had to let go because I was spending too much time on it.  If there is something you are spending too much time doing that doesn't really matter...let it go!  


7.  Set a weekly goal of restoration. 

    Do something that restores you and your mind.  Something that is pure joy.  Many times we find ourselves so involved in our businesses and our family that we don't do something just for ourself.  Schedule out every week a time when you can do something that just makes you feel happy.  Something that restores you spirit and re-energizes you. 


8.  Participate in a mastermind. 

     Masterminds are great!  There are so many you can get in on too!  Simply just google Mastermind and find one that might fit you.  So why are masterminds great?  Because they will allow you to get a different perspective on what you are doing and what you need to do.  


9. Set a Specific 90 day $$ Goal

    Nothing motivates and energizes one more than the bottom line..and the bottom line is ALWAYS $$.  Sit down and determine what you would like to realistically earn in 90 days. 


10.  Create a "PUSH GOAL"

     You know how when momma's are in labor they go through something so painful and so difficult because they know that the reward of the baby is going to be so awesome? Well that is what I call a "PUSH GOAL"   The pushing is what gets you to your goal.  So create what you are going to do to make your 90 day $$ Goal happen! 


I know I know, 10 tasks can be a lot, but they all work together and the end result will be so amazing that you will feel so great and energized about your business and you will find great success.  Remember that you're amazing and can do so much good if you put your mind to it!  Now go out there and get it!



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