Customer Service is not a Department, it's an experience.

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When we hear the word customer service we might envision a office space inside a department store where some middle age women sit behind little brown desks with ginormous phones, dealing with complaining customers.  Doesn't that picture in your mind seem really sterile and uninviting?  I think it does.  Customer service is not a department when it comes to your business.  Customer service is how you treat and interact with your clients.  

Customer service is the way you will retain your clients and get referrals from them for more clients just like them.  

We should pride ourselves in customer service.  Sometimes as photographers we think we know best, because we are the professional; we start thinking things like this "my clients do what I say.  I'm the professional and if they don't like it they can go somewhere else."  This train of thought has gotten a lot of photographers I know into deep water.  While we should run our business our way we need to give an amazing customer experience to where they don't question how we run our business. They will trust everything we do. 

So I thought I would provide you with a few ideas to enrich your customer experience.  


1.  In order to impress someone you need to set an expectation and then go above and beyond that expectation.   Let your client know what to expect and then blow their minds with a few added extras.  If your turn around time is 2 weeks tell them it's 4 weeks then maintain your 2 week turn around.  If they order 10 8x10's throw in 2  extra of your favorites.  Go above and beyond.  

2.  Give them little acts of unexpected service.  In your camera bag bring with you an extra couple of bottles of water.  When you are taking a break to walk to a different location or area casually say "Oh I brought you a water incase you are thirsty would you like it?"  Holding you brides dress for her or her bouquet as you are walking "let me do that for you."  Simple acts of service will go a long way.  Chivalry is not dead.

3.  Remember important dates.  Find out dates like birthdays and anniversaries.  Put them on your business calendar.  When you see that date coming up send them a card in the mail or a email wishing them a happy birthday/anniversary.  You can post an image of them on your blog, website, Facebook, instagram wishing them a happy day.  This will remind them that YOU are THEIR photographer and they will remember to come to you for their next portrait needs!


Above all show your clients love!  LOVE THEM BIG!



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