3 Helpful Tips to Discover What Your Client Wants

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Nothing can be more frustrating than spending time creating packages, collections, products and services for your potential clients or customers only to not have them buy, purchase or book with you.  You're left scratching your head and frustrated because you have spent so much of your heart developing your business.  You can't seem to understand why it is they aren't spending money with you.  I mean you're awesome...what gives?!  Lucky for you I have three tips to help you out!


1. Take YOU out of the equation.  So many times we build packages, and products around what WE would like instead of what our clients would like.  As Photographers we tend to build packages around US and what we would purchase instead of what our clients would purchase.  YOU are not your ideal client.  Sorry to say it...but you're not.  For example, I am not my ideal client.  While I do have traits of my ideal client I am not it.  My ideal client makes more money than I do, they have higher education than I do, and they live in a more affluent area.  They spend more money on home decor than I.  So if I were to develop packages and collections around myself I would not be able to offer the products and services my clients want and need.  Once I was able to take ME out of the equation I was able to create services and products that my client truly needs and wants. 


2.  Do your research.  Where does your client shop for cars, shoes, clothes, groceries and why do they like those stores?  Is it because they get a bargain, or do they  like the higher quality?  Do they splurge or do the save?  Are they online shoppers? Do they like having something convenient or are they a instant gratification person?  Doing your research on what your client is already purchasing will allow you to pattern your services and products after brands your ideal client already loves.   


3.  Talk about it!  Once you have developed your products and services for your ideal client you need to tell them about it! You need to show it to them.  You need to be so stinking proud of it that they can't refuse.  I had no idea I wanted a car that had blind spot detection until I was showed it and now I'm like "MUST HAVE BLIND SPOT DETECTION!!!!" If they don't know you offer it, if  they haven't seen it, if you haven't told them about it, they won't know they need it!   I like to watch Youtube videos on makeup how-to's and after I am done watching the videos I'm all sorts of ready to spend our mortgage at Sephora.  So much stuff I didn't know I wanted.  And I would never have known I wanted it until I was shown that I wanted it!  If you have taken YOU out of the equation to find your ideal client and developed products and services  that your clients would be attracted to, you need to let them know they want it...YOU NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT! 


I know you have so much awesomeness stored inside you!  We were all born to create and you are no exception! 



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