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I love images that capture motion so I decided to do my weekly Facebook Favorite on MOTION. 

I honestly didn't have a ton of submissions for motion, but I had several emails from photographers asking for tips on how to capture motion. 

So I decided to put together a few tips on how to capture motion images. 


If you are wanting crisp IN focus images, make sure you have a fast shutter speed.  I recommend no slower than 1/800 .  You don't want to take your chances with both camera shake and the movement of the subject to make for a soft focus or a blurry image.  If you are wanting to capture the motion by blur, slow down your shutter speed.  Depending on how fast your subject is moving you can get away with a shutter speed around 1/80-1/100.  Of course with changing your shutter speed you want to make sure that your ISO and your F-Stop is set correctly for proper exposure.  But that is another subject for a different day. 


You will also want to track your subject with your focus half way down as the subject is moving until you are ready to click.  Sometimes it also helps to count for your subject.  A 1.2.3 goes a long way.  Instruct your client/model if you are wanting them to jump, twirl, run on or after 3.  Be on the same page. 


It's okay to try multiple times.  Before attempting motion images with a client, make sure you have practiced capturing motion before hand so you don't have to make your client do it more than a few times.  


So now...I picked a few of my favorites to show here!  I hope you enjoy

Holly Kennedy

Alyx Garner


Samantha Little

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