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I use to be that photographer that took pictures of her kids daily....always dressing them up in some swanky outfit and concocting some fantastic stylized session for them.  But then the time came that I got to busy to photograph my littles every day and my girls have LOVED it.  No really.  They have always been very kind about letting me photograph them, but it interrupted their playtime.  And boy I'm a believer in play time.  No really I am.  With children growing up so fast these days I am a firm advocate for letting them be little.   But I have missed photographing them. So one day I talked them into playing dress up in my studio with some of my fancy wardrobe.  They were in heaven and so was I...because some how my camera wound up in there; not sure how that happened...bwahhhhaaaaaa.   (like how I did that?!)  and I ended up do a mini session with them. And when I say mini I mean about 7 minutes. 

After I did this little shoot with them I decided to ask my Facebook fans to post a image or two of their favorite child/children photograph to my FB post...and they came out in droves....I am thinking people love their kids ;)   


I had a hard time picking my favorites but I did.  I love these all for so many different reasons. I'm excited to share my picks with you. 


Mallory Francks

Jessica Davies

Jessica Kennedy

Emily Lucarz

Crystal Keyes



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