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I am completely smitten over this edit.  This image totally inspired this edit and I have used this technique for so many images.  I can use these actions at 100% or lessen them to 20% and regardless they turn out so beautiful. 


So let's get started! 

Open your image

Next is my tried and true method to lighten specific areas. 

Duplicate background layer

change blending mode to screen.

Add Black Layer mask.

Use a white paint brush and paint where you would like to lighten. 

I choose the subject. 


Create new fill or adjustment layer. 

Change the blending mode to screen.

Using the color selector pick a brown or a grey color.  


Using a large paint brush paint areas you want haze to be.  I like to paint near the subject.  This hugs the subject and draws your attention in. 

Next run the Pretty Pink Action.

Then open the action and select the adjustment layer and using a black brush paint the layer off the skin. 


Run Gorgeous Greens Action

Run the Rainbow Love Action


Run The Paint Depth Action.

Pick a layer (warm/cool) and paint on image where you want warmer colors to appear or cooler colors.  I love both of them and like to use both of them on different areas of the image.  


And there you have it!!!




You can purchase this bundle for $5.00 here!!! You can't buy these actions in any other set other than in this bundle!

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