Sweet Sunflower Daily Edit and Recipe

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Sunflowers to me scream summer! And that is exactly what I was going for with this edit.

Let's get started!


Open Image

Lighten Subject. (big surprise right)

Duplicate the background layer

Change the blending mode to screen

Add a black layer mask to the image and then with a white paint brush paint wher eyou want to be lightened on the image.  For me that is the subject.

You will next Duplicate the background layer again

This time change the blending mode to soft light. 

Add a black layer mask.  Then use a white paint brush and paint on the subject.  This will make the subject pop without sharpening.

Run the Sweet Sunflower Action.  This action was created just for this edit.  It pops yellows in a soft way.

Next run Crayon Box from Wish Whimsy Action Set.

Run Sweet Romance from Wish So Fabulous.  

Open Brushed Texture from Wish Textures


Drag and Drop texture onto image.

Resize to fit (PC: Cnt-Alt-T   MAC: Command-T)

Desaturate layer (texture)

change blending mode to soft light

Add a white layer mask and use a black paint brush and paint on the image to remove for skin.


And there you have it!!!! It's done!

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