Beach Light Daily Edit and Recipe

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Isn't this so freaking dreamy?!  I adore the heck out of it!!!!

Sometimes it's so hard to edit extremely backlit images because so much detail is lost. And instead of embracing the loss of details and the haziness we fight against it and try to recover them.  Well it's time we turn those images into something dreamy.  Images don't have to be perfect to be amazing.  

Alright friends, Open your image. 


Run the action Effulgent from Wish Light Action Set

Run Mirage from Wish Whimsy

Run the action Creative Leak from the Wish Light Leaks Action set. 

Open Rainbow 12 from Wish Rainbows

Drag and drop overlay onto image.

Resize to fit if needed.  (PC: Cnt-Alt-T) (MAC: Command-T)  move the overlay to where you would like it on the image.  lower opacity if needed. 

And there you go...voila! DONE!!!!


If you want to purchase this bundle get it here! 


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