Madame Zora Daily Edit and Recipe

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For reals lovelies, this session will go down in history as one of my most favorite ever! 

I wanted to do this session for the longest time.  My sweet husband helped me so much to prepare for this session that I really felt we were a team.

I was so sad though...wanna know why?!  Because we didn't get out of hair and makeup till 20 minutes before the sun was completely down.  And the location was right up against the west mountains so there was NO LIGHT in the sky. I was underexposing like crazy....and good thing I know how to fix exposure in photoshop.  And I was shooting at a 10000 ISO. CRAZY RIGHT?!

Nevertheless I am smitten!


Let's get started.

Open Image.


Lighten areas that need to be lightened.

Duplicate the background layer.

Change blending mode to screen

Add a black layer mask then using a white brush and paint the area you want to lighten. Of course for me that's the subject.

Run Chocolate Avalanche from You Wished It! 

Run Frou Frou from Wish Glam

Run Applecross from Wish Outback

Run Magnifique from Parisian Wishes

Open Smoke 1 Overlay from Wish Fog and Smoke

Drag and drop it on to your image.

Resize to fit. (PC: Cnt-Alt-T     MAC: Command-T)

Change the blending mode to screen (this removes the black)

Add a white layer mask and remove any areas that you feel are too strong. 

And there you have it.  I beautiful magical image!!!

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