Fall Romance Daily Edit and Recipe

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This is seriously one of my favorite images ever.  I love how I made the colors pop and how the couple is just lost in each other.  SMITTEN PEOPLE, SMITTEN!


Alright my  lovelies. Let's get started!


Open Images!  Big shocker right?!


Then my tried and true...nearly ever single edit step.

Duplicate the background layer and change the blending mode to screen.

Add a black layer mask

Using a white brush paint on the image where you want to see lightened.  For me it's the subject. 


Run Red Leaf from Autumn Wishes

Run Flora Adora from Wish-Full (this set is an old set that is not currently in the store) 

Run Apple Cider Haze from Wish Hazes and Tones.

Add a black layer mask to the action

Use white paint brush and paint the action/haze where you want to create a hazy effect.  For me it was along the water and in the background by the trees.  MY brush opacity was 30%

Run Boho Matte from Wish Glam Matte

Open action and paint off the red pop layer from the subject.  Add layer mask to the pop layer and also paint off the subject.

Then I lowered the overall opacity of the action to 28% 



And there you have it.  Such a vibrant image!  So magical!

If you want to purchase this daily recipe.  Go here!


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  • Hello,

    I just purchased this daily recipe! I am having a hard time following your directions. Do you have a video available?


    Stephanie on

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