Romantic Waters Daily Edit and Recipe

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I will never forget the day I did this session.  It was magic.  The way the light was hitting the water...the entire feeling, just had me swooning. 

I remember the drive home and I called my husband nearly freaking out.  No kidding.  I couldn't wait to get home to edit these.  I knew I wanted to make the colors really vibrant and exciting.  

During this session I was actually in the water with this lovely couple.  Scary as all heck hoping that I didn't slip on a rock and destroy my equipment...but I didn't and the end result was fantastic! YAY!

Alright, let's get editing.


Open your image. DUN DUN DUN!

I know I image is underexposed.  But I have perfectly good reason it was 3 minutes till sunset and we were completely hidden in this river....and the only light was that in the background being reflected on the water.  And well....I'm not a flash girl. 


Anyway back to the edit.

You guessed it.  Duplicate your background layer, change your blending mode to screen.  Add a black layer mask and then while using a white brush paint where you want the light to go.  For me it's on my subjects. 

Then I ran Romantic Waters action.  This action was created for this edit.

Open the action and if needed paint off the red pop and color pop from the subjects.   I then added a layer mask to the pop layer and also painted that off the subjects.  

Do this with a black brush.

Next I ran L.A. from The World of Wishes II action set.  I decreased the overall opacity of the action to 50%

I next ran Sprout from Wish Springtime.

I opened the layers and turned off the layers Matte, haze and the second cool layer/ 

Next I ran the Sky's the Limit action from Matte Romance Wishes.  I lowered the opacity to 50%

And there you have it!!! A vibrant image!!! Wowza look at those colors!!!!



I hope you enjoyed this edit.

You can purchase this bundle here. 

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