Pretty and Pink Daily Edit and Recipe

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OOOH LA LA! This edit is so freaking pretty!  I love the soft yet vibrant tones.  It's like WOWZA!


Okay let's get this party started!


You got it. Open that image!  TA DA!

Next is the same step I do in every blasted image!  Lighten Subject

Duplicate the background layer.

Change the blending mode to screen.

Add a black layer mask

Using a white paint brush paint where you would like to lighten.  For me that is my subject.

Run the Pretty Pink Action.

This action was created for this edt.


Paint the haze layer off the subject using a black paint brush. 

Run the action Idol from Wish Artist

Turn off color fill 1 layer

Add layer mask to soft layer.  Use a black brush and paint on the subject to remove the soft layer.

Run Barefoot from Wish Springtime.

Open Bokeh 20 Overlay from Wish Bokeh Overlays.


Drag and Drop the overlay and resize to fit on the image.

PC- Cnt-Alt-T

Mac Command-T

Change blending mode to overlay.

Add white layer mask and with a black brush remove unwanted areas. 

And there you have it.  It's all done!

SO pretty. So Pink!

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