So Steampunk Daily Edit and Recipe

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Time for something dirty! 

My past edits have been so soft and so pretty...but now it's time for something warm and something edgy!!!!

So let's get cracking!


Open image.  (surprise right?!)


BOOM! You guessed it.  Lighten image where you would like.

Duplicate background layer, change blending mode to screen, add black layer mask, paint where you want to lighten on the image with a white brush.



Run the So Steampunk action.  This action was created just for this edit.

Run Armani from Wish Fashion Show II .  This action will warm it up! 

Run Mistletoe from Holiday Wishes.  Add Layer Mask to the pop layer.  With a black brush paint it off the subject.  

Open Smoke 1 and Smoke 20 from Wish Fog and Smoke Overlays. 

Drag and drop them onto the image/  Resize to fit. 

Resize (PC) CNT-ALT-T  (MAC) Command-T

Change blending mode to screen on both overlays.   Change opacity of both overlays to 68% (or to taste)


Boom Done!

Buy this bundle here if you want to do your own urban edits like this one!!!



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