Lovely Lavender Daily Edit and Recipe

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I know I know, when you think of lavender you think of pastel and soft not vivid and bright.  Well I am bringing you a different type of lavender edit.
You ready?!!!
Dun Dun Dun....Open Image
Next the same thing I do with every image.  You guessed it.  Lighten!  Duplicate the background layer change blending mode to screen.  Add black layer mask.  Paint where you want to lighten.  I always choose my subject.
Run Cherry Bomb from Retro Wishes
Run Star Studded from Wish Tinsel Town 
change the opacity to 50% off.
Ran Swanky from Wish Glam.   I then masked off layers haze and cool from the skin.
Next I opened up the texture Imagination from Wishtastic Textures. 
Next I would drag and drop the texture onto the image.  Resize to fit.  (Mac) Cnt. T. (PC) Control Alt T
Then I change the blending mode to softlight
Add a layer mask.  Then using a black brush I removed the texture from the subject.
Next open up WishLight 13 from Illuminate 3
Drag and drop the overlay onto the image.
Resize to fit
Change the blending mode to screen.  Move the overlay to where you would like it on the image. 
I chose right at the horizon line. 
And there you have it! 
A beautiful Bold image!!!

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