Vintage Swim Daily Edit and Recipe

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Ooooh don't you just love this already?  I do.  So I did this session at one of my Wish Retreats a few years back.  As I was brainstorming sessions to do, I was browsing the internet and I found this authentic swimsuit.  I WAS FREAKING OUT!  It was perfect. Then I knew I needed this flower petal swim cap.  FOR REALS...I died...then I came back a live.  Okay not really but for a second I thought I would because it was too perfect. 
So this image really deserved the perfect edit.  And really it could have gone any way...but you know me...I love my whimsy. So that's what I did.  LOVE IT!
Okay let me show you how I did it. that image!  Bam! guessed it.  Lighten areas.  Duplicate Background layer, change blending mode to screen, add black layer mask.  Next with a white brush paint on the image where you would like lightened.  For me that is the subject. 
Next up, run Vintage Swim Action.  This was created just for this edit.  It pops the blues and pops a little bit of reds. 
Next one of my FAVORITE actions.  Vintage Merry Go Round from the Wish Vintage Carnival Action Set.  
I did turn off the tone layer however.  I liked it better that way for this image. 
Next I ran Bayberry from Wishtography.  
Okay the next one I ran was Flippery Tilt from the Tapestry Tilt action set.  This is a tilt shift effect action. 
I opened up the action and adjusted the tilt to be clear on the subject and faded outward. 
So there's a few ways you can do this, one is a paint brush, the other is the gradient tool. 
And there you have it.  A simply beautiful edit!

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