Running Through Fields Daily Edit & Recipe

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Doesn't this image just scream JOY?!  I totally think it does!  I love the emotion of it.  Not to mention I love the edit. 
Something that I like to do in my edits is draw your eye towards the subject.  Naturally your eye goes towards the lightest area of the image, so by lightening the subject and areas around your eyes are drawn into the center of the image.   If you want to take the focus off of something and focus towards something else.  Lighten! JUST DO IT!
Okay let's get to editing. your image (no brainer here) 
Next..... if you have been following my edits you can probably predict my next step.
Duplicate background layer. 
Change blending mode to screen
Add black layer mask.
White a white paint brush, paint the areas you want lightened. 
Next run the action Running Through Fields.
This action is a cool tone, deepening with a little pop of red action.
This action was created specifically for this edit. 
The next action I used  was the action Felicity from Wish Simply. 
This action is a hazy action.   I didn't want it on the entire image and just wanted to hit areas with haze/fog.  So I applied a black layer mask on the entire action.  Then using a white paint brush I applied the action just around my subjects and into the background.  
The next two steps I opened two textures. 
Sangria from Wish Textures
and Suede from Wish Textures III
To apply the textures I would drag and drop them using the move tool onto my image. 
On each texture layer in the Layers Pallet I changed the blending mode to screen. 
On the Suede texture I felt that it made the image too red, but I loved the texture.  So what I did was desaturate that layer. 
Do this by clicking on the layer you want it to effect.  Going up to image at the top of your PS, then to adjustments and down to desaturate.  VOILA! 
I then added white layer masks to each of the texture layers. 
I painted the textures off the subjects faces and bodies by using a black paint brush on the image. 
So then I started looking at the image and didn't like how the shadows were so black and so dark.  So if this happens to your edit, do what I did. 
Create a new fill/adjustment layer.  (you don't know where that is? No worries.  You see the bottom of the layers pallet?  Do you see a circle that is half white and half  black...that's the fill/adjustment layer.)  Go to levels.  On RGB, move the left output up till the shadows lighten.  This will lighten your entire image.  Do fret.  We'll fix that. 
Next we are going to invert the layer mask on the layer you just created. 
Do this by keyboard command; command i . 
Then use a white paint brush and paint where you want to lighten the shadows.   WHOOP THERE IT IS! 
Then I ran Matilda from Wish Outback at 48% for a final tone!
And there you have it.  The Running Through Fields Edit!

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