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This is another one of the shoots I did for my retreat this last May.  It was a concept bridal I had wanted to do for a long time.  It was a crazy day at retreat the day of this shoot.  You see each day we have 4's crazy but so worth it and so much fun.  So it's time for model number 3 to arrive to get hair and makeup done and she doesn't show up.  1 hour later and she still isn't there.  I called and called AND CALLED, I sent texts, emails and Facebook messages and nothing.   I didn't know what I was going to do.   I had to have another bride.  So I'm in a panic... and my cute hairstylist for the shoots Ericka says "well I might be able to fit into the dress, I could do it."  So I have her put on the dress and I say "DONE!"  And she pitched hit.  Anyway that story has nothing to do with the edit of this image....buuuuuut I thought I would share.  Sometimes as photographers we just have to rearrange and figure something else out.  I now can't imagine anyone but Ericka doing this shoot for us.  It was fantastic. 


Anyway...let's get to crack'n


First I opened my image in Photoshop

Next I did the step I always do. 

Duplicate my background layer and  hanged my blending mode to screen.  After that I added a black layer mask.  Next I took a white paint brush and painted where I wanted to lighten.  For me that is the skin of my model.  

Then I ran the action Evergreen Artist.  It was created for this specific edit.  

Next I used the color picker and picked a darn brown color.  Let add a new fill layer in the layers pallet.   Change that layer to screen. 


My next step I painted on the image.  This creates a haze look.  I like to paint near the subject so it hugs into the subject.  Then I like to paint along the horizon line too. 

Then I ran BlackBird from Gypsy Wishes. I opened it up and painted on the second tone layer using a black brush. (Paint directly on the image.) 

I painted 'off' using a black brush the layer from the subjects face and skin. 

My next step was to open a overlay from Wish Fog and Smoke.  I chose Smoke 15. 


Drag and drop the overlay onto your photo.  Change the blending mode to screen.  This will erase the black from the overlay.  

Resize the overlay to fit your image or to be just as you like it. (PC CNT.ALT.T...Mac Command T)

SO now I wanted to add some texture. 

So I picked two textures that I love together from my Wish Textures III set. 

That is Pickle Juice and Painted Berry.  I didn't pick them for their colors, but for the texture. 

Now this is where it gets a little tricky.  You can do it a few ways.  You can use the textures with the color or you can desaturate it.  For this image I wanted to desaturate it. 

So you can either desaturate them before you apply them or after.  I always suggest doing it after.  This way you can see if you like what the color does to the image or you can desaturate it.  The cool thing about removing the color from the overlays is that the textures won't change the tone of your image....instead it will just add the texture. 

To desaturate go up to image, adjustments and then down to desaturate.  When doing this make sure you are clicked on the texture/layer you want to change in the layers. 


Okay so I drag and drop my textures and then I  changed the blending mode on both of the textures to soft light.


Now I don't like texture on my subjects skin so I add a white layer mask to both the texture layers.  Then using a black brush I removed the texture from the subject. 

I then lowered the overall opacity of the textures to 61% because I didn't want it as strong.

And there you have it.  ALL DONE!  

Now we have a beautiful artistic image. 

You can purchase this bundle of everything I used....Two Actions.....Two Textures and One Overlay Here.   (Now only available with the Wish Recipes week 1 bundle) 





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