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Back in May of 2014 I held my Wish Retreat in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It was a whirlwind week!  One that has changed my life FOREVER!

Every day we did 4 shoots.  IT WAS insane!  This image is from one of those shoots.  I had this idea that I wanted to do a shoot with a model wearing deer antlers.  Miss Ashley was the perfect doe eyed model.  I freaking love these images. 

So when I started editing this session I played around with some really unique edits and when I came up with this one, I about freaked out.  No really!  I love how whimsical and soft and artistic and MEGA SUPER FREAKING AWESOME it looks. Now I know this edit's not for everyone...but for me.....I'm dying!

So I'm sharing it with you.  You ready?!!! EEEEK!


First Open your image in Photoshop

Next....the step I ALWAYS do.  Duplicate your background layer.  Change blending mode to screen and then add a black layer mask.  With a white brush paint where you would like light to go. I always lighten my subject.

Next run the Oh Deer! Action.  It was created for this set.  It pops the image (which we need because of a later step), it pops the reds and changes the greens.  

Run Mesa from World of Wishes II. 

It warms it up and gives it a softer subtle feel.    

Open up the Beautiful Bokeh Overlay. (or your favorite overlay.  I like this one because it has a variety of colors that are sooo beautiful)

Drag and drop your overlay onto your image and change the blending mode to screen.  I changed the opacity of the overlay to 80%

Then I ran Storytime from Wish Whimsy.  I love this because it softens everything up

And the last action I ran was Magnifique from Parisian Wishes.  It just punched out the colors a little more and gave it a matte effect.  OOOOOH I LOVE THAT!

And there you have it....VOILA!

You can now get this recipe bundle with the Wish Week 1 Recipe Bundle 



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