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I absolutely loved this session I did in 2014.  It was so fantastic in so many ways.   Not only do I love the images, but I love that this session truly lent to whimsical editing...and let's face it, I'm all about whimsical editing. 

So let me show you how I editing this image. 


First I opened my image in Photoshop CC

Next I duplicated my background layer in layers and changed the blending mode to soft light. 

After that I added a white layer mask and using a black paint brush I painted off the layer from the subject.  It was just too dark on the subject. 

After this set I ran the action Little Red that I created just for this edit.  I pops the greens perfectly, adds warmth and pops the reds.  I'm smitten by it. 

The next action I paired with this edit is Wonderful from Wishtastic.  It didn't need a whole lot of it, just a little taste.  SO I changed the opacity to 38%

And finally I ran High Wire from Wish Circus.  It has a cool tone, yet pops the reds and has a little bit of matte.  I adore it.   

Then I felt it needed one more thing.  So I added a new fill layer in the layers.  Changed the blending mode to screen and picked a brown/grey color.  Make sure it's towards the darker spectrum.  

Next I lightly painted the haze around the subject and on the ground.  If the subject were standing I would do around the midline or horizon line.  This adds a little whimsy hazy. 

And that's it!  TA-DA!


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