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Ohhhhh this has been so fun sharing edits with you and bringing you affordable products.  I hope you're learning tips, tricks and techniques to further your skills and business.  Can I get a ...OH YEAH?! .....OH YEAH!!!

This edit I'm super excited about.  It uses three actions and two overlays. 

One of the overlays is a cloud overlay and the others is a overlay of a flock of birds...tweet tweet. 

The actions?  One was created just for this edit called "Your Fortune"

The next action is Ink Brush from Wish Silk Roads.  This set hasn't been sold for a long time, but many of you might still have it.  If not...this is the only place you can get this one right now. 

The next action is Sorbet from The Wishtography action set.  It is colorful and hazy and has a light ring/flare in it.  Super fun.  

Okay so let's get cracking. 


First open your image in Photoshop......dun dun dun

Next I opened up the clouds overlays in a new window.  Any clouds will do...I happen to love this specific one from Wish Clouds #23.  I renamed it for this recipe bundle however. 

Next drag and drop your overlay onto your image. 
Resize to fit.  Use the free transform command to do this.  On a Mac it's Command T- on a PC I believe it's CNT-ALT-T

After I changed my blending mode to multiply.  I like this blending mode for clouds because it allows you to see the image behind it, but still keep the same colors of the sky prior.  It's the best blending mode for it.   

Then I added a layer mask to the cloud layer in the layers pallet. 

My next step I needed to do was remove some of the overlay where I didn't want it.  I could have done this by snagging a snazzy white paint brush from the tools pallet...but ehhhh, I didn't want to.  I wanted the fade on the clouds to be more gradual since my subject is in the sky. 

SOOOOOO I picked the gradient tool and I made sure it was selected on the black to white option.  

Then I clicked the top of the image and pulled half way down the image.  This allowed the gradient in the mask to go from black to white in a general fade.  This makes it so the overlay looks natural. (Take a peek at the mask in the layers and see what I mean.....see?)


Then I opened the starlings overlay...tweet tweet...TWEET!

Once again I moved the overlay onto the image.  VOILA! 


Now that I have the composite part of the image done, I could start working on the tones of the image.   I always recommend doing the composite if needed before you mess with any tones or hands on edits. 

You following me? 



I felt that my subject was too dark....and a good rule of thumb is that your eye naturally goes to the lightest area of the image.  Not saying that I want to wash out or blow out my subject, but I do like to lighten my subject. (You will find this is a common thread in my edits).  SOOOOOO I Duplicated the background layer and changed the blending mode to screen.  Added a black mask to the background copy and then painted where I wanted to lighten with a white brush onto the image.  

Then I ran a few actions

"Your Fortune" 

This action was created just for this edit.  (You can purchase it in the daily recipe bundle)

Next I ran the Ink Brush (I know it says Ink Pot on the image....oopsie) this action can be found in Wish Silk Roads Action set.  It's an old action set...but still a goodie. 

Next up I picked the action Sorbet from the Wishtography Action set.  Guess what? It's freaking perfect for this type of edit.  It guides your focus towards the center of the image by using a light-ring layer. 

So I felt the action was a tad to strong so I lowered the opacity to 73%.  I also opened the action and on the layers: Warmth, Haze and Tone I painted off the layer from the subject.  I just didn't want a haze on her.  



It's actually not as much work as it looks.   Once you find out what actions you like to pair with each's all a breeze.  

You can now purchase this recipe with the Week 1 Recipe Bundle



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