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When I was photographing this session I was so excited about it because it just had such a free spirit feel.  At this point in the session, I really wanted to have her waving her arms in the air like a hippy child...and the second she started, I was like ; whoa whoa whoa....this is PERFECTION. 

So snap snap snap and I was in love. 


There was a few things wrong with the image though.  One she is slightly underexposed on the skin, and the sky is blown out to bits.  SOOOO we are going to fix that. 


So I opened the image in Photoshop and duplicated the background layer. 

I changed the blending mode to screen and then added a black layer mask.  After I did this I snagged a white paint brush and painted on her skin to bring light to her underexposed skin.  And ta-da proper exposure!

Next I opened up a cloud overlays.  This overlay comes in the recipe pack, I've packaged for you for this edit. 


After I opened up the cloud overlays I then moved the overlay onto the image and resized the overlay to fit the area I wanted.  Sometimes I might leave the overlay bigger than the area because I like the look.  But today I resized to fit.  Then I changed the blending mode to multiply.   

After I did that I would then add a black layer mask and use a white paint brush and applied the overlay where I wanted it to go.  Let me tell you what... I have been doing cloud overlays for awhile now and this has been the best way I have found to apply clouds to look the most natural. 

After that I would then add several actions to give the image the tonal qualities that I wanted. 

The Free Spirit Action was created just for this image.   It is a bold color popping action, that would make anyone one happy hippy!

Next I ran Nanette From Wish Fashion Show.  Which cooled the image down just a tad bit, but doesn't allow it to loose it's gusto from the Free Spirit action. 

After that I ran Vintage Blush from the Wishtography Vintage collection.  What I did with this action is I added a black layer mask on the entire action.  Then with a white brush at an opacity at 20% I painted the action on the image on various areas to create a foggy hazy effect.  The Vintage Blush Actions give you a pink haze so it is perfect for this look. 


My next step and last step was adding Vintage Dust from the Wishtography Vintage Set (this action does not completely run in Elements)   This action has a super cool, vintage gradient look.  I kinda am in love with it. 

I added a WHITE layer mask and then used a black brush and removed the action from her skin.  I did this so her face isn't muted and hazy. 


I hope you like this recipe.   

You can now buy this recipe with the Wish Recipe Bundle Week 1 


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