The Wish Top Hat Edit and action recipe.

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I am so excited to bring to you my first recipe and edit.   I will be walking you through the step by step process of how I did this edit.   I get oodles of emails asking if I would do recipes for my actions and combinations.  So I thought this would be the perfect way to bring it to you. 

I have also packaged the products I have used in a simple package for you.  SO you don't have to go buy all the action sets that they are in, instead you can just buy the actions I used.   


Alright, Let's get to business. 

First I opened this image in Photoshop CC.  (All these steps will work in Photoshop CS and CC editions and Photoshop Elements 9&up.  The actions I used will work in Photoshop CS editions and CC and Photoshop Elements 7 & up. )

I did not do any adjustments in raw. 

The first step I did was I needed to lighten her face, because there is a shadow cast because of her mega fabulous top hat. 

So I duplicated the background layer and changed the blending mode to screen. 

As you can tell the image now is far to bright on all areas of the image, but under her hat it is perfect. 

So my next step is to add a black layer mask to the duplicated background layer. 

You can do this by clicking on the add layer mask in the bottom of the layers pallet and holding down the alt button and clicking on the add layer mask.  


After I have done that I select a white paint brush and I apply by painting on the image where I want the additional light to go.  In my case it is on the models face. 

What do I do now? I run a few actions.  Wish Top Hat is the first on my list.  This action was created for this edit specifically.   This action pops greens, reds and adds great contrast and a tad bit of matte.

Next I run the Wish Vougish action.  This action can be found in the Wish in Style Action set.  Or it can be found in our limited edition action set...specifically packaged for this edit.  This action will enhance the greens even more....really cool down, yet in the same way warm up the image.  For me it was a little too cool on the models face and I didn't like what it did to her skin tones.  So I opened up the action and masked it off the model at the SWITCH layer.   By masking off layers it can really customize the look for your image. 

Next because this image is a little more whimsical, I decided to add an action called Magic Wand.  You can find this in the Wish Whimsy action set. (or in the limited edition Top Hat collection I packaged just for this edit).  Because this action is a strong gradient action, I lowered the opacity to 20%

Sometimes I like to add a little bit of texture to an image if it calls for it.  This is a dramatic image, so I felt that it called for it.  So I added a texture I created for this edit.  It's called Top Hat. 

It has a light center, but burnt edges.  Perfect for this image. 

Now I'm super excited to tell you how I like to use textures. 

So keep reading......

First open up your texture and drag and drop it on to your image and resize it to fit your image. Change your blending mode to SOFT LIGHT. 

Next is my favorite part.  I have tried several ways to use textures and this way I have found is the best. 

One way you can do it is by adding a layer mask to your image...but guess what? It might just change the tone of your image, because the texture changes the tone a little bit. 
SOOOO instead pick a paint brush, use the color picker function by when using the paint brush holding down the alt-button on your keyboard and picking a color.   Pick colors on your image and paint where you want to remove the texture.  This will remove the texture, but not change the tone. 

And there you have it......VOILA! It's done. 

A beautiful Whimsical Edit!  

To purchase this recipe set you can now purchase as a bundle with the Wish Recipes Week 1

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