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I was messing around in Photoshop and I got super excited about creating this image really pretty and soft and pink.  And if I'm honest I was even more excited about doing something simple.  It might not seem all that simple..but this edit took seriously only 3 minutes.  

This edit contains only 3 actions and 1 texture.  Super fast...super easy! AND SUPER BEAUTIFUL!

Step 1. 

Run Wish Wonder from Wish Dreams.  This is a very light action that creates a very creamy color with a beautiful matte layer.   Because it's so light it is the perfect action to lighten the subject with.   And because it has that creamy tone it really brings out the creaminess of her skin tone.  So I added a black layer mask and then with a white paint brush I applied the action only to her skin.  I started with a brush around 31% opacity and then was able to apply more as I needed. 

Step 2

I really wanted to make this edit really girly and pink.  So I ran Etoile from Parisian Wishes.  This action is VERY pink...But so lovely when applied in the right spots.  So I added a black layer mask and with a brush at 30% I just hit random areas of the image to add a beautiful pink tone to the image.  

Step 3.  The last action I ran was Holly from Holiday Wishes.  This action is a very bright and vivid RED action.  It brings out the deep tones in the image that contains reds, purples and pinks.  So I added a black layer mask and just hit random areas with a white brush to bring in some drama.

Step 4. 

The last step was to add a texture.  I created this Pretty Pastel Watercolor Texture for images that I wanted to have a very pretty pink hue to.  I also love the water color brush strokes

Open up the texture and drag and drop it on to your image.  Resize to fit using the free transform function.  PC would be Cnt. Alt. T and a Mac is Command T

Next change your blending mode to SOFT LIGHT

My texture tip as always is to use the color selector tool and select a color near the area you want to remove the texture from.  Then paint directly on the image with that color.  This will maintain the tone of the image but remove the texture. 


I then lowered the opacity of the texture to 43%.  Lowering the opacity allows a texture to still be seen, but that is not the focus of the image. 

And there you have it!  A pretty edit! With this pretty image! 

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