A Painting like Pop in the Poppies! A Step by Step Photoshop Tutorial

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There is this little spot in Utah County that has these gorgeous poppies.  Unfortunately EVERY photographer  knows about this location and for the 1 week that the poppies are in bloom EVERY photographer is there.   Not only does it make the location hard to shoot at, but all the poppies get trampled because everyone is fighting for a spot.  

HOWEVER I did manage to snag some images of some lovely dancers at the poppies before they were too damaged. 

I absolutely LOVE the contrast of the red with the's just so pretty!  I really wanted to make the colors pop even more and just give this image a very painting like quality! 

So let's get started! 

(You can get the bundle  here before we start and follow along)


Step 1. 

I always light to bring in light to the image.  I personally feel like your eye goes to the lightest part of the image and so I naturally want to bring the eye in to the subject.  This is why I almost always lighten my subject. 

I ran Simple Light from Wish Kaleidoscope and with a white paint brush I painted the action on my subject.  It really brings the eye in like I said. 

Step 2.

I often like to bring in haze to the image to create depth.  Sometimes I'll do a straight haze layer and sometimes I will use an action and apply it directly where I want it.  The reason I use an action is because it already has layers of depth so it's more than just haze...It's something AWESOME!

I adore the Milk Bath action from the new set Wish Sweetly.  Because I wanted to apply it just along the subject and blend it outward I applied a black layer mask so I could use a white paint brush and paint it just where I want it to be.  


Step 3. 

The next action I used was Hallucination from Mystical Wishes.  This is a really good popping action.  It does great things to the colors that you already have in your image.  However it is a little intense and it did a little TOO much to the skin.  So I applied a white layer mask and removed the action 100% from the subject

Step 4. 

I still wasn't completely satisfied with the look of the image.  I knew it needed something more.  A little more CHEERFUL ness.  So I added the action Joy from a very old set of actions called Wish Emotions.  This action was only available for a limited time for about 1 you most likely can't find it anymore unless you're a die hard fan. 

Since this action is super intense I lowered the opacity of the overall action to 27%

Step 5. 

The very last action I ran was Star from Wish Artist.  What I like about this action is that it has a very great matte layer and it does something super awesome and lovely to the blacks, greens and reds.  However it is really intense for skin tones.  So I added a white  layer mask and removed it from the subject with a black brush. 

Step 6.  

I felt like this image really needed a really great texture.  I wanted to make it look like a beautiful painting so I created a beautiful water color like texture. The texture is full of beautiful colors including golds, rosegolds, purples, blues and greens.  

My best tip to remove texture from your subject is not to add a layer mask.  When you add a layer mask guess what happens?  You remove the tone of the texture and then it doesn't blend very well.   SOOOOO what my tip is that use the color selector tool and select  a color where you want to remove the texture.  Then paint that color on that area. Continue doing this till you have removed the texture.   

I lowered the opacity of the texture to 50% so it wasn't as intense.


So I hope you enjoyed this step by step edit and tutorial for this image.  I really do enjoy showing you all the ways you can use actions and different combinations!  

If you want to purchase this bundle which also includes the texture where that you can't get anywhere but in this bundle you can do so here. 

Till next time!


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