A Dreamy Step by Step edit! Wish VIP Edit #12

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As I was sitting playing around with photoshop one evening, editing some images from my recent photography workshop that I held in Lorena Texas, I started creating this really dreamy edit.  I got so excited about it!  

I started playing around with some actions that I haven't used for a while and thought "EVERYONE NEEDS THIS ONE!"  This edit is so dreamy and so beautiful!  After I created this combination I then created this texture to just give it a painting like feel...and I can't even tell you how much I am in love with it.  It truly looks like a water color painting! 


So let's get to it! 

The first thing I did was use the healing brush tool and remove that ugly orange strap from the handle of the boat.  I mean we couldn't send two beautiful little girls out into a lake/pond/tank..(whatever) without keeping them tethered to us.   


Next I ran a new action from the soon to be released Wish Retouch set called Shade and  Light.  This action has two different layers.  One for lightening and one for shading.  Using a white brush around 34% opacity I painted the subjects and the center of the image with the Light layer and then using the same opacity brush I painted around the edges of the image randomly with the Shade layer.   This really creates depth to the image.  And I always like to bring the eye in.  This helps do that.  

My third step was running Nixie from the Wish Fancy action set.  This is a warmer tone action.  And I particularly love what it does for skin.  So I added a black layer mask to the action.  Then using a white paint brush at 28% opacity I painted it on the subject and various areas of the image that I wanted to warm up.  YES to yummy skin tones! 


The 4th step is to run the action Dauphine also from Wish Fancy (as you can imagine Wish Fancy is a killer set!).  This time I added a white layer mask.  Using a black paint brush at 28% I started to remove the action from the subjects.  I kept removing the action till I found the perfect balance.   (Tip I always start with a low brush opacity and then build from there) 

Step five is an old action from Nautical Wishes.  The action is Anchor.  It is a REALLY pink I turned the opacity down to about 30%.  This gave the image just a beautiful slight pink tone...that is just so pretty and whimsical.  YAAAS! Give me all the pretty and whimsical actions! With step 6, I really wanted to create some beautiful haze.  I freaking love adding just a touch of haze to my images.  But I don't want the haze all over...just hugging in on the image.  So I ran Chiffon from Soft Wishes 3 and added a black layer mask to t he image.  Starting with a brush at 28% opacity I started to randomly select areas that I felt the image needed a little haze to.  It just makes it so soft and pretty.  This step just makes me so in loveMy very last step was to add a little bit of texture with this beautiful texture created just for this edit...It adds such beautiful soft colors and just the right amount of texture to make the image look just like a water color painting. 

Tip when using textures.  When removing the texture from your subject instead of applying a layer mask, select a color using the color picker tool that is on the area you want to remove the texture from the image.  Then paint on that area.  This will create a very natural way to remove textures. 

And there you have it...a simply beautiful and dreamy edit!  I hope you love it as much as I do!   If you want to purchase this bundle (which I know you do) GO HERE

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